i love Jesus but…

lately, i’ve been seeing posts on facebook that state things like “I love Jesus but I cuss a little” or “I love Jesus but I drink a little.” these posts and catchy t-shirts that have flown off the shelVES have really rubbed me the wrong way. i wonder what the reactions would be if a shirt said “I love Jesus but I have a little premarital sex” or “I love Jesus but I have a little jealousy.”

with that being said, everyone has their own struggles. every person on this earth struggles with a specific sin, but i believe that making light of that sin is unacceptable. once Christians begin to shrug off their struggles as “ways of life,” we are becoming in AND of the world.

Jesus tells us that all of us sin and fall short (romans 3:23), but He also says that He will always provide us a way to overcome our temptation (I corinthians 10:13). no question, God loves us with ALL our baggage, struggles, sins, and doubts. at the same time, if we truly know Jesus, if we have accepted His will and let Him take over our lives, if we are wholeheartedly in love with our Creator, we will show that through ALL of our actions. we would not excuse our mistakes by joking about our sins which nailed Jesus to the cross, but we will let Jesus infuse into our lives to cleanse us of all our brokenness and dirtiness.

one of my favorite quotes i stole from love does by bob goff is “leak Jesus.” leave little puddles of Christ wherever you go. leave little bread crumbs behind you, leading people to Jesus. and let me tell you, people will be a lot less likely to follow those bread crumbs if they constantly see you wasted, cursing, and practicing any number of immoral behaviors.



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