three tips to care less when it comes to social media

sometimes, I want to feel like one of those girls in a tampon commercial. I want to wear a white swimsuit and go to the beach without a care in the world. I want to dive in the water, do cartwheels in the sand, and run around with no burdens on my shoulders.

as an extremely typical teenage girl getting ready to go off to college, I feel the pressure every single day to impress other people around me. I want to wear the trendiest clothes, I want the coolest and most friends, I want the popularity, I want the attention. but what girl doesn’t? it is incredibly easy to fall into Satan’s trap of pleasing men rather than God. so today, I wanted to share with you some things that have helped Him become greater, and me become less.

1. turning off social media notifications

after you post a pic on Instagram or tweet a funny line on Twitter, do you ever feel yourself staring at your home screen, anxiously waiting to see who likes, retweets, or comments on your post? yeah, me too. one day, I realized how enamored I was with who was looking at my posts and decided to turn all my social media notifications OFF. you would not believe the difference it made for me. I found myself posting things not for other people to like them, but because I really wanted to share great memories with my friends. it became less about how many likes each post got. I sometimes even forget I posted something until I get back on the app. it is truly freeing to release yourself from the burden of trying to please others. it may not even seem as if your motive of posting is to impress others. one sure way to tell: turn off your notifications and see if it bugs you that you don’t know how many people have liked your picture or retweeted your post.

2. fasting from social media for a time

but wait, how will I keep up my snapchat streaks?… during Lent, I deleted all my social media apps: Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. my Bible teacher once said that you will know what controls you when you give it up. man, was he right. at first, I found myself opening my phone, clicking where the social media folder used to be just to be reminded of the weather. it literally became instinct to open social media when I felt bored, awkward, or tired. when everyone else would be on their phones during a night out, I would sometimes be the only one completely present. it was awkward at first, but it started to become more and more refreshing. newsflash: snapchat streaks AREN’T the end all, be all. and if you’re one of those people that has those 100+ day streaks that they “literally can’t give up,” I would highly suggest trying this fast out for yourself.

3. post genuine, love-inspiring things to uplift others

everyone need to post a selfie or a tweet a joke sometimes. but nowadays (especially on Facebook), LOTS of posts are partisan, cruel statements intended to point fingers at the other side. let’s face it: people are not converted or changed by a hateful argument on Facebook. opinions are a lovely thing that God intended all of us to have and voice, but what God did not intend for us to do is to point fingers and call names. maybe instead of posting a pic bragging about your new job or sub-tweeting your ex, post an encouraging verse. tell others you are praying for them. love on others instead of tearing others down or puffing yourself up. love binds us together, and I personally think the world can never have too much love, joy, and encouragement.

these are three SUPER simple things every social media owner can take part in. God’s mission for us is to spread his kingdom to the corners of the earth, loving every soul along the way. when we commit our lives to doing this, the other things start to come naturally. fall in love with God and His will for your life. because sometimes, it’s great to run around the beach with a white swimsuit and dress on without a care in the world.

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